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getting started

We are passionate about creating the future of audiovisual media. We do not stand still and we continually embrace change. Our hearts, minds and entrepreneurial spirit all come into play as we set new trends and develop themes to captivate millions of people.


Do you keep your eyes open as you make your way in the world, you have a natural sense of curiosity from the moment you wake up and you think of tomorrow? Do your strengths include communicating, analyzing and thinking on your feet? Unleash your potential where young talents are not just welcomed, they are positively encouraged.


At ProSiebenSat.1 you can choose between four training courses with a commercial or technical-creative slant. You could also opt for a dual study course. Some of the subjects we offer include accounting & controlling or media & communications, presented in collaboration with the DHBW Mannheim and the DHBW Ravensburg, respectively.


With us, you will become part of a strong community where individual spirit is as valued as team work. A wide variety of perspectives to develop your future will be open to you, as ProSiebenSat.1 comprises media fields such as online video and games alongside television. Our wide-reaching further training and education programmes will ensure that you continue to make progress.


jobs with training elements

We train our own talent – in four commercial and technical disciplines. If you display the necessary commitment and ambition, you stand a good chance of earning a permanent role at ProSiebenSat.1. We offer these professional training courses:

Management Assistant in Audiovisual Media 

Training in audiovisual media puts you straight in the workplace from day one. You will, for example, prepare cost sheets for television productions, organize film equipment, process invoices for actors’ fees or calculate the financial success of a project. The rotation principle through different departments will enable you to sample all of the key areas involved in a TV production – from production management to marketing and controlling, from human resources to our Starwatch Entertainment record label. Our coaches will mentor and support you in your personal and professional needs, presenting you with challenging assignments and projects. The traineeship runs for two and a half years, during which time you will work at the corporation’s Munich headquarters.

Event Manager

It could be the annual general meeting, an after-show party, trade fair or film premiere: As an event manager you will find yourself involved in challenging projects, large and small, right from the start. You will learn from the experts as you draw up production schedules, crew lists, cost analyses and come up with creative ideas to make each event special. Rotating through different departments, as is common practice for us, you will gain an insight into all aspects of your future career – from marketing and controlling to human resources and corporate communications. During the two and a half years of your traineeship you will work at the corporation’s Munich headquarters. Our coaches will mentor and support you in your personal and professional needs, presenting you with challenging duties and projects.

Audiovisual Media Designer

Professional training as an audiovisual media designer entails familiarizing yourself with all of the relevant stages of the process: From editorial conception and shooting a television feature to broadcasting on the highest technical level. For television, internet or mobile consumption. You will get to know your way around our television studios, work in post-production, assist in documentation or archiving of programmes and assist our colleagues in the Playout Center to ensure glitch-free broadcasting. You will be integrated in daily business from the start, with your own challenging tasks and projects. Our coaches will mentor and support you in your personal and professional needs. During your three-year traineeship you will work at the corporation’s headquarters in Munich.

IT Specialist System Integration

As an IT specialist working in system integration you will be involved in planning and configurating IT systems. Providing this in-house service, you will calibrate and maintain these systems in accordance with the company’s needs. Using the most advanced diagnostic systems, this includes systematically identifying, analyzing and solving any programme errors which may occur. You will advise internal users on the most suitable equipment for them and how they should work with it, solving any arising application or system problems. You will provide support in building broadcast/media platforms based on IT systems and will gain an insight into television technology. Our coaches will mentor and support you in your personal and professional needs. During your three-year traineeship you will work at the corporation’s headquarters in Munich.


report from SIMON CRINS

Training as an audiovisual media designer, Simons first experience of studio production opened up a whole new world to him. During his traineeship he learnt from behind the camera just how complex television is.


Further informationon available traineeships can be found on the following pages:
Bundesagentur für Arbeit
IHK Ausbildungsberatung

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Dual study programmes (higher education)

A dual study programme is ideal for those who wish to combine their studies with practical work experience and a clear job profile. In cooperation with DHBW Mannheim and DHBW Ravensburg, we can offer high-school graduates courses in Media & Communications and Accounting & Controlling. If you demonstrate the necessary commitment and ambition, you stand a good chance of earning a full-time role at ProSiebenSat.1.

Dual Study Programme in Media & Communications

Are you interested in economic relations and digital trends in the field of media and communications? Then the higher-education profile “Media and Communications” with the main focus on “Digital and Print”, in collaboration with DHBW Ravensburg, could be the perfect dual study programme for you. It unites a comprehensive understanding of economic sciences with the technical and economic processes of media production and marketing. The study programme covers six semesters, in which theory and practical components alternate in blocks of three months at university and ProSiebenSat.1.

During your placement with us, you will become familiar with a wide variety of departments in the digital sector, gaining valuable insights into digital media analysis, development and application. You will take on exciting media projects ranging from visual design to technical implementation as you become proficient in cross-media publishing. Inside our marketing company SevenOne Media you will learn how to market advertising concepts in the television business and play an active role in their realization.

For the entire duration of your dual study programme, you will be supervised by an experienced mentor. At the same time, the HR department is always available if you need any further guidance.  

Dual Study Programme in Accounting & Controlling

You are aiming for a career in financial management? The "Accounting and Controlling" study programme in conjunction with DHBW Mannheim may just be the ideal opportunity for you. You will benefit from thorough, practical teaching on the subject of international accounting, tailored to IFRS/IAS international standards. The six semester dual study programme alternates between three-month blocks of theoretical study and practical work experience. The comprehensive course will educate you in national and international tax law for companies and financial controlling. Traditional economic sciences such as general business administration, political economy and law are also covered.

Whilst you are at the company you will work in all operative areas of accounting and controlling. You will be offered a comprehensive insight into the financial sphere of the ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE, learning about the relevant processes and key interfaces. In the course of your dual study programme with ProSiebenSat.1 you will be guided by an experienced mentor. Our personnel department’s training supervisor is also on hand as a point of contact.


Ferdinand Schmitt, media and communications student 

Ferdinand Schmitt has already undergone two courses of study at ProsiebenSat.1.: Having completed his studies in event management with ProSiebenSat.1 he chose to enrol at the DHBW (Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University) in Ravensburg for media and communications with particular focus on digital and print. His main rotation was in Digital & Adjacent.


Further information on study programmes can be found on the following sites:
DHBW Mannheim
DHBW Ravensburg

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