You have graduated and cannot wait to get into the real working world? There is more to us than letting you jump in at the deep end. We will offer you full assistance in unleashing your full potential. Find out more about your opportunities joining us as a graduate:

Getting started
Trainee programmes


Getting started

At ProSiebenSat.1 you will encounter a symbiosis of creative passion on a professional level with commercial expertise. Our uniquely open culture within the corporation allows superb talent to develop into excellent professionals via the most diverse routes.


You have the courage to try something new. You want to come up with answers for the future. Strategic and integrated thinking comes naturally to you, seeing the bigger picture is in your DNA. If this sounds familiar, then we are the right home for you.


As an intern you will receive cross-media training to help you fully understand the interplay of television, internet and mobile devices. Our trainee programmes are fundamental to our sustainable talent management philosophy at ProSiebenSat.1 and are designed to promote long-term working relationships. Incidentally, in addition to internships, we also have numerous junior positions on offer, details of which can be found on our job portal.


With us, you can apply what you have learnt, put your skills to the test and convince us of your merits through positive performances. You are part of a strong community of committed people who have taken it upon themselves to turn their vision of fascination and entertainment into reality. All avenues are open to you as you seek to fulfill your potential. You can also take advantage of our numerous further training schemes.


practical training

Uniquely integrated training

You begin with an introductory course lasting four weeks. As well as familiarizing yourself with all of the key divisions of the company, you will also learn the basics of journalism & PR and special creativity skills to create TV reports in the first theory block. Then you are ready for the more specialized areas (TV, online or PR). You will stay here for around 18 months of your internship. Every intern spends time in different divisions of our corporation or with external partners–the cross-media principle is paramount.

For the theoretical element, ProSiebenSat.1 collaborates with the Electronic Media School (EMS) in Potsdam. You will attend a four weeks introductory block in munich as well as two/four blocks of theory, each lasting two weeks, at the EMS in potsdam. The total time allocated for training is 24 months.

Specialization in cross-media training


You touch people with your stories, you film compelling reports, exciting features, you enjoy interviewing interesting people. As a trainee in the TV division you will learn the trade from scratch, mastering research and interviewing techniques for all journalistic formats, from news to features. You will begin researching your own stories during training. You will prepare them for specific media and departments, filming, dubbing and editing your reports and developing new concepts for programmes and stations.


You are an online expert and social media maestro. You will create exclusive backstories for the ProSiebenSat.1 Group’s online portals, film videos on set and interview actors or performers. Your texts, videos, images, blogsand podcasts will add to the appeal of our stations’ websites as you work closely with TV editorial teams, PR departments and external copywriting and picture agencies.


Specializing in PR, you will be placed in corporate communications or in the press office of one of the stations. You will learn all the basics of PR business, composing press releases and maintaining contact to journalists. Furthermore, you will write reports, interviews and features for our group-wide intranet and the corporate website. You will thus play an important role in the presentation of our company. 



Moritz Ebert is a cross-media intern on the editorial team for “ran” (sports). He is able to test himself on a daily basis thanks to the varied nature of his assignments. This, and the way online and TV dovetail so neatly, make his cross-media internship particularly attractive.


Michael Neugebauer, ems Potsdam course leader

Michael Neugebauer is a lecturer and course leader at the Electronic Media School (ems) in Potsdam, ProSiebenSat.1’s partner for the cross-media internship. He finds the integration of different areas in the course, with considerable emphasis on practical experience, to be especially important.



Effective entry through intensive training

The traineeprogramme lasts for 18 months and offers graduates an effective entry into the world of the media. Qualified guidance and intensive training will provide you with a comprehensive insight into the daily business of one of Europe’s leading media corporations.

As a trainee you will be entrusted with challenging and responsible tasks and projects from the very beginning. Supported by training on and off the job, you will receive a tailor-made plan designed to enhance your professional development and your individual potential.


Diverse options to think outside the box

During trainee days you will get to know the most important contacts within the company and the different divisions, as well as interacting with other trainees. Specialist training on themes such as project management or personal and time management is an inherent part of every trainee programme, providing you with the necessary “tools” for the tasks and projects awaiting you. You and your specialist group will identify and investigate further training topics, drawn from the wide spectrum available through the ProSiebenSat.1 Academy.

Our trainee and cross-media projects run through the entire corporation, enabling you to work together on exciting projects with other trainees and/or interns from anywhere in the group.

Our General Programme

  • Home department
  • 3 rotations in related / complementary specialist departments
  • Potential focus areas:
    • Marketing
    • Sales
    • Product management
    • Research / media planning & strategy
    • Sales Marketing
  • Training on the job
  • Specialist and method training
  • (Cross-)media products


Our Specialist Programme

  • Fixed home department
  • Rotation within the division to related departments
  • Potential areas of focus:
    • HR
    • Controlling
    • Digital
  • Dual coaching in specialist field and HR
  • Individual development plans
  • Trainee network

Markus Pöllmann, former controlling trainee

Markus Pöllmann was a central controlling trainee at ProSiebenSat.1. Controlling is a fascinating subject for him. In the course of his traineeprogramme he has rotated through various different departments, gaining a thorough insight into the company as a whole. He is now working for us as a senior controller.


KOLJA STITZ, trainee group accounting & reporting

Kolja Stitz, trainee group accounting & reporting at ProSiebenSat.1 Media AG in Munich, graduate level. Kolja talks about the trainee programme in a personal interview, describing his path from traditional TV production to the financial sphere.


legal clerkships

We can offer you an engaging placement

You are studying law, have successfully completed your first state exam and are now looking to gain experience in a dynamic, fascinating environment? Then apply for a placement at ProSiebenSat.1!                

We can offer you a placement with our legal affairs, distribution and regulatory affairs divisions, staffed by some 40 lawyers. During your placement you will assist our specialist teams in all legal matters, increasing your knowledge base and gaining practical experience in various different areas. In consultation with our legal teams, you will prepare surveys, draft contracts and briefs, communicating with our specialist departments.

As we offer a number of placements, you can apply at any time of year. Find out about the necessary requirements for each particular offer in our job portal.


Sabine Kistner and Robert Franke, legal clerks

Sabine and Robert are legal clerks on placement in the business affairs division. They find their duties to be absolutely engrossing and are appreciative of the chance to get to know so many lawyers in such a short space of time in different departments. A placement at ProSiebenSat.1 comes highly recommended.

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