Benefits for Employees

Our employees represent our most important resource for the success of ProSiebenSat.1. In order to prepare a solid basis for the mid and long-term in professional and private life, we have built up numerous rewards for employees over the years. These are some of the key benefits which employees can look forward to:                

Rewards for Expectional Performance

It is integral to our success that ProSiebenSat.1 Group employees are well versed in the strategic aims of the corporation. The company’s aims are only achieved through the alignment of all individual goals for collective success. Within the framework of our bonus model, employees define individual goals and reasonable targets together with their superiors. Bonuses are awarded if targets are hit, measured on personal and corporate success. Management are evaluated on their own conduct and offered appropriate advancement or promotion.

Further, extraordinary ideas and exceptional performance are honoured with the ProSiebenSat.1 Allstars Awards. The prizes are rather special: an invitation to the world premiere of “Hunger Games: Catching Fire” in L.A. for example, the opening ceremony of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, tickets for Beyoncé’s World Tour in New York or a guest rolein “Der letzte Bulle” or “Danni Lowinski”.

Pensions and Insurance

Private pension plans are a must for our generation – we assist all of our employees to make sure that they are adequately covered. The ProSiebenSat.1 Group subsidizes deposits into direct insurance schemes or pension funds to the tune of 15 per cent of payments made, thus helping employees to take care of their future. Savings enhancement plans can also be linked to pension funds. All of our full-time employees are also covered by the Group for accident insurance with worldwide validity, not only during working hours but also for business trips and the personal sphere. 


Sometimes we need more flexibility in our lives. We make it possible to take time out! There are three models which cater for breaks from work of different periods: Five or more unpaid days of holiday can be used to lengthen your annual vacation, a three-month sabbatical allows time for personal projects and the big sabbatical lasting 12 to 24 months facilitates longer absences. For such arrangements to satisfy all parties and avoid putting extra pressure on colleagues, planning and notice should occur as early as possible so that cover can be put in place. In principle, however, there are considerable freedoms to be enjoyed in this respect. 

Social Engagement

Social responsibility is hugely important to us. Hence we offer all of our employees a framework in which we can engage in socially worthwhile activities together. Twice a year on Social Day, every employee is afforded the opportunity to help out in a social project for a day. Not only offering our support, but gaining an insight into areas which we knew little about before. For years we have also engaged in a substantial number of activities for the socially disadvantaged, on Red Nose Day for example.


Family and Career

This topic is so important to all of us that it is fully ingrained in ProSiebenSat.1’s philosophy. We have our very own “Telezwerge” day care centre with space for 70 children of creche or kindergarten age. Parents who entrust their offspring to the “Telezwerge”, or to another external centre, can count on monthly subsidies from us for the costs. We also help out in serious cases: Our partner pme Familienservice can provide consultation and information free of charge for issues of care at home or for the elderly and offer support in difficult life situations. We also offer financial support for new marriages or civil partnerships and when children are born.

Work-life Balance

A large portion of each weekday is spent at work, so finding the right work-life balance is extremely important. We help our employees achieve balance by providing a range of services which focus on areas such as family, sport and health. Flexible working hours open up new possibilities and offer support in special circumstances. For instance, flexible working models allow for overtime to be balanced with free time. All employees have 30 days of holiday per annum, plus various add-ons for special days such as moving house or getting married. 


Employees who travel to work on public transport can use the MMV’s Isar Card Job to get a preferential rate on an annual season ticket. This is possible from day one. Furthermore, ProSiebenSat.1 Group managers who do not qualify for a company car can still obtain one through deferred compensation. A large fleet (including BMW, Mini, Mercedes and Audi vehicles) is available to management.

Daily Organization

Sometimes in daily life, little practical things matter. We offer various services on site, including laundry, ironing and tailoring. All household and garden needs can be organized through concierges at pme Familienservice.

Working on a modern campus

Our company is organized like a campus, i.e. work spheres are distributed through various buildings in close proximity to each other. We have created a modern working environment which allows great freedoms of expression and communication, whilst limiting our colleagues as little as possible. Our open space concept promotes focussed work, flexible team meetings and provides so-called think tanks for undisturbed deliberation. The entire campus is covered by a wi-fi network so we can work on the move. 


We encourage our staff to live active and healthy lives. Not only do we partner up with fitness clubs and sports gear manufacturers, the ProSiebenSat.1 Group regularly organizes various sports groups and events, such as the B2Run company run and the P7S1 Europe Cup. The prime example of this is the ProSiebenSat.1 Power Loft: Over the rooftops of Unterföhring, our colleagues can look forward to individually tailored training sessions with highly qualified coaches. Whatever type of training you are looking for, there is something here for you, from sling training to Zumba, from yoga training and body checks to a boot camp which will push you to the limit. Employees can also seek treatment from our in-house doctor or masseur.


Our canteen crew cooks up tasty and varied dishes at fair prices. A copious salad and fingerfood buffet is complemented by fresh menus every day, so we can all enjoy a balanced diet in the workplace. Highlights include regular thematic specials such as sushi or national cuisine weeks. Comfortable lounges can be found in most of our buildings, where free tea, coffee and water are available when you need a short break.


Our in-house shop sells merchandise from the “We Love” collection and our German TV stations at discounted prices. Employees can also take advantage of special deals from various ProSiebenSat.1 Group partners.    


Annual highlights include the ProSiebenSat.1 summer festival, Oktoberfest and Christmas party. The Group’s event management team is both passionate and professional in everything they organize. All employees are invited to these events.        

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